Heavy trainings make you tough

Updated: May 14, 2018


Sprints don't make a marathoner, but when added to a weekly training scheme they boost building strength, develop good form, and stimulate muscle efficiency --- all of which pays off even over 40km.

Form the very start, we included intervals in our training. Every week on Wednesdays, and slowly but steadily we can feel the improvement. Curious what an interval looks like? Try one of the following. Let us know what the experience was like for you.

  • warming up 10 min, 10 times 3 min at 85% of our max heart rate, 2 min easy jogging in between, cool-down for 15 min.

  • warming up 15 min, 2 times during a duration of 12 min laps of 30 sec at 85% of our max heart rate vs. 30 sec easy jogging in between. In between the 2 reps 4 min easy jogging, cool-down for 15 min

  • warming up 20 min, 10 times 1 km at 90% of our max heart rate, 3 min easy jogging in between, cool-down until 90 min.

Next time you'll finish your interval with a distorted and painful face, comfort yourself with the thought that science has proven you are getting a better physical condition, yet you're also learning how to tolerate pain during running. Athletes who have finished heavy six weeks program's in which high intensity interval training's were included, increased their pain tolerance with 41%, measured with tourniquet-test.

No pain, no gain!

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