Keep your core strong

A good core stability is the basis of all the running you'll do

By consequently training your back, pelvis, hips, knee and ankle to train control & balance of your back, you'll be less receptive for injuries. Science shows that it can lead to 30 % less injuries! Core stability is part of this.

How does it work and how does it prevent injuries?

Stabilizing muscles have as goal controlling your movements and joint position. These are small muscles which are close to your joints. Tightening these muscles ensures stability without visible movement.

If stabilizing muscles in your core brace at the right moment and work together, the joints in your back, hip & pelvis stay in the right place whilst you move free.

If they don't work properly or don't work well together, we talk about instability. This can lead to overload in other structures because they have to process to much mechanical strength.

A well stabilized core reduces therefore the chances to get injured. On top of that an adequate stability will ensure you get more efficiency out of your muscle contractions. This can lead directly to improvement of your performance. The past years, core-stability, exercises, are an integrated part in injury prevention and ensuring performance increase in top athlete trainings.

Interested in core stability training, get in touch with us... We organize core-stability trainings with club 365 on Wednesday evening in Topsporthal in Ghent as of April 4th.

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