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Updated: Feb 15, 2018

A dull moment, 2 crazy girls and 1 question... "Do you want to run the NYC marathon?"

That is where our journey to the NYC Marathon started... As we want to rise above ourselves in the Land of Stars & Stripes as well-trained fabulous runners, we quickly realised that the secret of our success will lay in being surrounded by a team of experts.

Let us present to you the first member of our expert team. For runners it is quite important to have a coach who guides you along in all your running schemes. We chose to work with the one and only Stefaan Engels a.k.a. 'Marathon Man'.

Stefaan (1961) ran his first marathon on the 5th of April 1992 in Rotterdam (Elien's birth year - she was only 1 month old at that time!). He finished after 3h16... Immediately after, he was determined to run another marathon which would become one of the 1000's of marathons he ran in the 25 years following. In 2010, Stefaan ran 365 marathons in a row. Yes, you are reading this correctly... One year long, each and every day, he ran one marathon. As a kid, the doctor told him that he would be better of without intense physical activity as he was suffering from asthma. But after 25 years of recreative endurance sports, in 2007, he secured himself a place in the Guinness Book of Records with 20 long distance triathlons in one year. After that, Stefaan dedicated himself to marathons.

A citizen of Ghent, bon vivant and sports addict, Stefaan is driven to spread and share his message. Restless by nature, he is always on the lookout for new ideas and campaigns to get people moving (and damn the man got us moving :-) ).

Stefaan is the proud owner of club 365 & many other projects such as,

Would you like to train yourself towards a better runner? Looking forward to joining us at one of our trainings, or do want to know more about Stefaan's projects or about club 365?

Get in touch with us, and join our running 'framily'!

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